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The meaning and types of underwear horizontal fly

The horizontal fly for men’s underwear - sometimes known as the H-fly or Quick Draw fly - is one of the three most common pouches for men’s underwear. Generally, men’s underwear is constructed with either a vertical fly that has a vertical opening in front of the underwear or no-fly, which has no opening or the horizontal fly.

The H-fly, which has been described as being genius by design and function, has a horizontal opening with two flaps. Unlike the vertical fly, the opening is kept closed by the top flap.

The horizontal fly has been in existence since the 1950s. They were available for boxers of brands like Musingwear, especially for their patented Comfort Pouch. However, the fly became popular again in 2010 and has been used by luxury brands for their men’s underwear.

Many men prefer the horizontal fly because it is said to correct some problems of the vertical fly. Although the vertical fly has overlapping flaps to keep the opening closed, it has been discovered to open up and cause embarrassment to wearers frequently. The horizontal fly stays permanently closed but stretches open quickly, which allows the wearer to reach in and pull out easily.