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Meet with Adam Smith

About Adam Smith

Designed for the active lifestyle needs of men

The underwear is the base layer which keeps us comfortable throughout the day. Our lines offer everyone what they’re looking for and cater to their needs.


We created the different Adam Smith collections so everyone can pick out what is right for them.

Our goal is to create a perfect fit for everyone in comfortable fabric so it feels like wearing a second skin.

Basic collection for those who like to be simple in comfort, in their active and casual lifestyle.

Executive collection for those who wear mostly suits and do not want to worry about fixing themselves all day, between meetings, for lunch, or for dinner.

For U collection for those who want to be more colorful and striking; if you have a date after work, you shouldn’t have to worry about rushing back home to change.

Sport collection for those who love to workout in comfortable underwear sweat-free.

Form collection for those who want to better tone and define their shape under their clothes.

Who doesn’t like to walk around home in their boxers? Relax Boxer Shorts are designed so you can walk around the house, balcony, or porch. It is designed to be modest and unrevealing, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbor catching you in your underwear.

Each collection’s fabrics are carefully picked out and each style is designed to fit right on all types of bodies.

Adam Smith underwear has been fitted on men of all body types of men to ensure the right fit.

We care about making everyone happy throughout the day and night.

Meet with Adam Smith

Hello, I am Adam Smith.

I am very active in both my work and personal life. I wear suits at work, but I cannot give up on my jeans. I am usually tired after work, but I try to go to the gym on a regular basis. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, whether it’s to watch sports, talk about politics, or anything in between. Of course, I also like to party. And on the weekends, I want to kick back, sometimes do nothing at all, walking around in my boxers, coffee cup in my hand, flirting with my girlfriend, tending the grill, eating, drinking, and being in my comfort zone.

I was looking for underwear to wear for all occasions, checking out all kinds of products online, trying to figure out what to wear under my suit or what is comfortable under my jeans.

It turned out to be too many orders and returns. Because I don’t know about the fabric that they mention on their websites, or all the terms they use to describe their garments. I’ve been wearing the same style of underwear, which is very boring and kind of embarrassing seeing my girlfriend wearing something different every night to impress me, while I don’t have anything to impress her with.

One day she told me “I will introduce you to someone and tell her what we need” because she also had her own expectations for my appearance.

What men need:

Men need comfort, Men need self-confidence, Men need breathability, Men need space, Men need reliability, Men need approval, Men need relaxation,

Men need all of the above and more…

And Voila!

The Adam Smith Underwear collections were created to meet these needs.

About Adam Smith About Adam Smith
creator image

Yasemin De Mirci


About the Creator

Hello! My name is Yasemin!

I am a fashion designer in New York City with over thirty years of professional experience in the industry. But more importantly, I am a woman who has loved fashion and has been involved in fashion ever since I was a 5-year-old girl.

I made my first collections for my doll when I was five, out of leftover fabrics from my mother’s tailor-made dresses. Ever since then, I’ve been invested in fashion design and production.

One day, I was talking with a dear friend of mine about buying underwear, and he said that men are not as lucky as women; men are not given as much choice, and cannot afford to be picky. I realized that he was right!

That’s when I started my research; I started talking with the men I knew – my friends and colleagues – about what they look for in their underwear, and pretty soon I was getting input from lots of men around the globe.

And Adam Smith; he had all of the needs and expectations that I had encountered. We’ve used all of the experiences and requests we received to guide us in designing the Adam Smith brand for your comfort.

Adam Smith is designed with everyone’s wishes in mind. We have fits for all lifestyles.

You can pick from our wide range of underwear lines, depending on your needs – whether it’s to wear comfortably under your suit, to help you work out without breaking a sweat, to looking your best for a date, or whatever else your needs may be.

All designs are detailed for your comfort.

All fabrics are picked carefully and individually for each collection.

All fits are done by experts.

I personally stand behind all of my products, and I am proud to share them all with you.


What men need:

* Men need comfort

* Men need self-confidence

* Men need breathability

* Men need space

* Men need reliability

* Men need approval

* Men need relaxation

Men need all of the above and more