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Briefs are a type of underwear and swimwear that does not extend down to the thighs. They have different styles usually with a waistband combined with a fabric that runs along the pelvis, to the crotch and buttocks. They are worn by both men and women.

They were first produced in 1935 in Chicago. The new undergarment Jockey was dubbed as the briefs offered a similar degree of support. The designer was inspired by a postcard he had received from a friend visiting the French Rivera depicting a man in a very short bathing suit.

Briefs designed for both sexes cover the upper part of the thigh and extend upward to the navel at the waistband. Briefs for men often feature a fly (a covered opening in front of the clothing) which allows for urinating conveniently. There are a lot of fly designs commonly used including the Standard vertical fly, y-front fly, and the horizontal fly.

Briefs hold their wearer’s genitals in a fixed position which makes them a popular choice for men who think they need more support than loose-fitting underwear provides. Loose-fitting underwear often rides up the body when a wearer is running but not briefs.