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Underwear is a piece of clothing worn beneath outer clothes that usually contacts our skin directly. They keep our outer garment from being damaged by bodily excretions such as urine and semen. They shape the body, lessen the friction of outerwear against our skin and conceal our genitals. They also provide support for our body parts and protection as well. They can be referred to as undergarments or underclothes. 

When the weather is cold, underwear could be worn to provide extra warmth. Some underwear serves as nightwear and swimsuits if made of suitable material while some are intended for visual and sexual appeal. 

Some cover the torso and some are worn to cover the waist and length. Different styles of underwear are worn by males and females which include bras and panties for females and briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs for males. Some are worn by both female and male, they include sleeveless shirts, bikini underwear, and thongs. 

The suitability of underwear as outerwear clothing is different from the indoor or outdoor climate largely dependent on fashion, societal norms, and legal requirements. Underwear is sometimes worn to preserve modesty. For example, the wearing of camisoles by women under sheer clothes.