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Types Of Underwear

There are different types of underwear namely;

  • Long Underwear

This is two-piece underwear worn when the weather is cold. It consists of a shirt with sleeves that extend up to the wrists, and leggings or pants reaching down to the ankles.

  • Sleeveless Shirt

As the name implies it is a sleeveless garment resembling a t-shirt. Examples are Tank top, singlet and muscle shirt. 

  • Bikini Briefs

It is usually worn with the waistband, lower than the wearer’s waist and the leg bands end at the groin. 

  • Boxer Briefs

They look like boxer shorts but they are shorter and fitting like briefs.

  • Trunk briefs

Very similar to boxer-briefs in style but they are longer in the legs from waist to knees. They are also tighter in fitting like briefs

  • Boxer shorts 

Their waistbands are elastic and close to the wearer’s waist while the leg sections are loose and reach to the mid-thigh. They normally come with a fly with or without buttons. Unlike briefs, they have a wider waistband. They are mostly designed with colorful patterns and pictures

  • Briefs

They also have elastic waistbands near the wearer’s waist and leg sections that end at the groin.