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A thong (for men) is a type of underwear or swimwear that is designed mainly to cover the male genitalia and nothing extra.

A thong is said to be a modern modification of the ancient loincloth, which is believed to be one of the oldest forms of clothing in the world. Reports suggest that loincloths have been in existence since over 75,000 years ago. Loincloths were almost exclusively worn by men as it is believed to have been developed majorly to hide or support the male genitals, unlike the thong.

Thongs generally consist of slim waistbands, with the back of the thong being a thin strip of material that goes between the butt cheeks, and connects the waistband with the more substantial material used to cover the genitals in front. Apart from the genitals, they are designed to cover the anus, perineum, and pubic hairs, but they mostly leave the butt cheeks bare.

Thongs for men are often differentiated by the vertical seam in the front of the material, which creates space to accommodate the male genitals adequately. It is usually also made of stretchy materials to accommodate various sizes. This sexy underwear comes in multiple styles, sizes, and materials like silk, cotton, Lycra, latex, satin, and microfiber.