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Square-cut underpants are also called trunk style underwear. They are a modification of boxer briefs - they are longer than briefs but shorter than boxers. 

As the name implies, they equally have a square-cut silhouette or pouch for holding the genitals. Trunks are generally body-hugging, adopting the fitting of briefs. It is ideal to wear them under your shorts because of the length. However, it can also be comfortably worn with any kind of clothing. 

Square-cut vests are very similar to normal vests. However, the neckline shape of the normal vests is mostly curved, while the neckline of the square-cut vest is square-shaped. The square-cut style is also popularly used in the production of men's tank-tops. 

The square-cut underwear is produced with various kinds of fabric materials. However, square-cut vests are commonly produced with cotton material because cotton is widely available, cheaper, absorbent, and very airy. Square cut trunks are also produced in a mixture of diverse materials such as cotton, modal, spandex, micro modal, polyester, bamboo fiber, and nylon.

Square-Cut underwear is often the choice for smart and fitted underwear.