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Second Skin Underwear

The second skin underwear by Adam Smith is a soft, micro modal fabric that comes in different styles. Micro-modal fabric is an excellent material with its softness and natural feel. It shines among all other underwear. 

This excellent fabric does not fade and keeps looking new even after many wears and wash. The second skin underwear is a superb short, mainly because of the superior micro modal fibers stitched together in a way that gives the balls extra comfort.

Adam Smith’s second skin underwear features a generous amount of fabric in the crotch area, which reduces the risk of bunching and shifting. With its support and stretch where needed, it is the perfect answer for guys who want to be comfortable all through the day. 

The second skin material feels slightly more relaxed than cotton. It is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

The second skin underwear is an answer to the request of having underwear that’s not only sexy but comfortable. The second skin underwear found its way into the hearts of men by creating underwear that’s supremely comfortable and needs no adjustments. It is a breathable material providing enough coverage everywhere coverage is required.