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Luxury Men's Underwear


Inexpensive Vs Expensive Underwear

People buy luxurious cars, homes, phones, and so on. It is very understandable.

But why exactly would a man buys luxury underwear brands since they do not get to publicly show it off? A quick and short answer is the comfort and style.

A luxurious item is always described as expensive. An item that is desirable, indulgent, but not expedient.

Even though it is underneath your clothing, luxury underwear still makes you feel super amazing. This fantastic feeling is because luxury brands pay attention to details, class, comfort, and your specific needs.

Indulging in luxury men's underwear is essential for your confidence, style, and comfort.

What is the softest material for men's underwear?

Polyester and Nylon are the Finest Materials

Luxury underwear is produced in different qualities with high-end materials to cater to diverse needs, purposes, and comfort specifications.

Most luxury brands employ more than one kind of fabric material. Regardless of the different materials, the yarn is usually thin and tight, which gives the luxury underwear that soft and cozy feel.

Cotton is popularly used for general men's underwear, and most men are familiar with it. However, luxury underwear makes use of classic cotton material, which is softer and dryer than regular cotton. They also make use of polyester, spandex, nylon, silk, Lycra, and latex. As earlier stated, many luxury brands mix these materials to produce a perfect fit.

The modal fabric is, however, one of the softest materials for men's underwear. It is very soft, smooth, and comfortable against the skin. It is also quite absorbent and leaves the skin dry.

Nylon and silk are also very soft materials, but silk is mostly preferred in the winter or for special occasions.

Things to Look For In Top-Quality Men's Underwear

Choose Your Underwear according to your lifestyle

As a man with class and style, it is only natural that you look out for top-quality underwear. How do you find top-quality underwear without falling victim to inferior styles?


#1 Fabric

As the saying goes, "fabric is king".

First, the fabric material used must be considered.

Cotton materials are commonly used, but top quality underwear is produced with classic cotton. Swiss cotton is another variation that has top-notch quality and a soft feel. The longer and thinner cotton fibers provide for a stronger yarn, which produces excellent quality.

Micro modal materials are also used in the production of luxury underwear. It sometimes has pockets of air embedded within the material to aid body heat regulation.

Lycra and Spandex materials give the underwear a good fit as they stretch to fit the wearer.

#2 Comfort

Top-quality underwear must be comfortable. It must have proper fitting and features to accommodate different sizes. The attention to detail would be apparent in these features.

The underwear should not be too tight or too loose. Eventually, comfort is determined in the purpose for which the underwear is worn.

#3 Functions

The underwear that would be worn to the gym is different from what would be worn to the pool. This would also differ from what would be worn under your trousers when you march off to work on a Tuesday morning.

In choosing top-quality underwear, the function of the underwear must be considered. It would not matter how expensive the fabric material is if the underwear is useless and causes discomfort.

Men's Designer Luxury Boxer Shorts

Comfortable Premium Boxer Shorts

Different designer luxury boxer shorts cater to diverse needs. These luxury boxer shorts are also designed by the most innovative brands of men's underwear. Adam Smith is one of the foremost luxury underwear brands and each type of underwear in its special collection has been endorsed globally.

Adam Smith’s Boxer Shorts are usually stylish, comfortable, and without extra stitches. They generally have antimicrobial, wicking, fast-drying, anti-sag, and very durable qualities. Adam Smith also employs micro modal fabrics for softness and airiness.

Which Luxury Underwear Designer is Recommended?

Adam Smith Underwear Collections

There are many famous brands of men’s underwear. Many of these designers have carved out a niche and a name for themselves through their methods and designs. However, Adam Smith has taken the game-changer initiative for men.

Yasemin, the lead designer of Adam Smith Wear, has been impressed with the new Adam Smith Collection. There are now several luxurious options for men willing to add a cutting edge to their style and class.

This Collection has six different kinds of underwear for various functions. Each fabric material is so soft and comfortable to wear. Every underwear in the Collection, have been tested on different men (height and sizes) before they are confirmed as a perfect fit.

When you think of luxury underwear, think Adam Smith!