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Deep V-neck underwear is an undershirt with a very deep neckline cut into a V-shape. 

The deep V-neck underwear, like most undershirts, is a modern modification of the "union suit" which was the one-piece "long Johns" undergarment used to absorb sweat in earlier centuries. Eventually, this evolved into simple undershirts for men in the Army, Sailors, before the Marines started wearing them too. The idea was to have an underlay beneath uniforms to absorb sweat. 

Deep V-neck undershirts were modified from the regular undershirts to for several reasons. Apart from being a "sweat absorber" like most undershirts, the deep V-neck is perfect for men who want to wear an undershirt, but also want to show some flesh that is, leave few buttons of their shirt undone. 

They are very practical and equally stylish, especially during the summer. They are more useful in warmer climates to reduce the heat-induced by the regular undershirts. 

The deep V-neck underwear is produced using the Cotton fabric. But in recent times, many name-brands make them in a mixture with Bamboo Viscose, Spandex, and Modal fabric materials.