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Button Underwear

Just as the name implies, button underwear refers to underwear with a fly in front closed up with buttons. Sometimes the fly in front of the underwear is also closed using metal snaps ". The basic idea of the button underwear was to create easy access to the male genitalia, especially in an urgent situation. 

Most boxer shorts have a fly in front, although not all require buttons. Those that do not need buttons to close the fly are called open-fly underwear. Although the button underwear was considered one of the essential underwear years ago, it is currently out of date. This decline was because most brands created it in a way that the openings are fixed, whereas the size of the male organ is not fixed. 

The button underwear used to be popular for some reasons -  

  1. Men do not have to pull down the waistband to use the toilet 
  2. It makes it comfortable to reach out to the manhood without much struggle. 

Also, the functional fly used to be the significant identifier between male underwear and that of the female. The button underwear is very appealing and is extremely comfortable because it allows for more room up front. 

Examples of button underwear are gripper boxers and yoke front boxers.