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A boxer is a type of undergarment typically worn by men. Boxers have been named after the shorts worn by boxers for whom free leg movement is important. They come in a variety of styles and designs but primarily always have a loose-fitting. 

They originated in 1925 when Jacob Golomb, the founder of Everlast replaced the leather belt trunks worn by boxers with elastic waist trunks. They immediately became popular but were sidelined in the late 1930s by the Jockey-style briefs. They gained popularity again in 1947 but in 1985 briefs became more famous as they sold four times more than boxers. 

A boxer typically has a fly in front and various manufacturers close the fly in different ways. Some use metal snaps and others a button or two. However, the shorts are designed to overlap and cover the opening fully, hence, they do not need a fastening technique. Since boxers are rarely stretchy a large panel of loosely fitting fabric in the center of the short is tailored to allow all kinds of movement.

Boxers come in white and solid colors, in a variety of prints and patterns as well; Geometrics, vertical stripes, and plaids. They are produced using different fabrics; cotton, jersey, knits, silk, and satin.