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Boxer Shorts with Pockets

Boxer briefs with pockets are called Pockies. They were launched in the Netherlands in 2015 and have just recently become popular in the United States. A trio of college students in Amsterdam designed the Pockies.

These students were hanging around their house when one of them casually opined that having pockets in their boxer shorts would be nice. Along with a co-founder, these creative designers used their savings to produce the first 2000 pairs of Pockies. Since then pockies have gained wide acceptance all over Europe with over 200,000 pairs sold.

The boxer shorts with pocket preclude the stress of wearing pants to keep your things handy when you are just hanging around. They have spaces you could quickly slip in whatever thing you intend to keep. In addition to being a loungewear choice, the pockies have also been useful for diabetes patients who want to store their insulin pump discreetly.

Pockies were created with fitted legs. This feature was added because the design of boxer shorts could make your private parts less private. Overall the pockies serve dual purposes: they can be worn in the house and can hold small items such as your keys and phones when you step out.