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Boxer Briefs Underwear

Boxer briefs or tight boxers, as they are commonly called, are a mix of briefs and boxers. They are long and somewhat similar to boxer shorts but are tight-fitting. They emerged in the1990s and were commonly worn for sports. However, they are now worn as everyday underwear by a lot of men. They are also called trunks in the United Kingdom and Australia, although there is a slight difference between both underwear.

Boxer briefs are more extended than typical briefs, and they extend farther than your thighs. They differ from trunks in that trunks have shorter legs. 

Many prefer them to boxers for various reasons – 

  • They fit the natural contours of the human body
  • The legs and bands follow the natural line perfectly and fold at the top of the thigh in the back. This feature ensures comfort and helps in preventing bunching or riding up.

With this hybrid style of underwear, men have got the best of both worlds. Boxer briefs designs feature an extra fabric covering more of the thigh area. This makes the genitals feel comfortable and well supported. Nothing seems too tight or too loose. They are the most varied type of underwear.