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Introducing boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are a type of men's underwear that combines the features of boxers and briefs. 

They are as tight-fitting and snug as conventional briefs but as long as boxer shorts. 

Boxer briefs essentially give the best features of both the boxer and brief types of underwear. They are fitting, breathable, snug, and supportive, as well as comfortable to wear. 


History of Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs have been invented as far back as 1925

Contrary to popular belief, boxer briefs were not designed in the 21st Century. They have been in existence since 1925, although under different names and descriptions. 

It was first produced in mass by the Men's Underwear Brand, Jockey, in 1925 and reintroduced in 1990 by the same brand.

Giorgio Armani also designed them, and Richard Gere wore them for the movie 'American Gigolo' in 1980.

However, it was until 1992, when Marky Mark, a rapper posed for Calvin Klein's boxer briefs line, that it became viral. Boxer briefs became so popular during that period that it was often wrongly believed that John Varvatos, Calvin Klein's menswear designer at the time, invented them.

Actors, music, and football stars like Daniel Craig, David Beckham, and Justin Bieber started openly wearing them. This lent credence to the belief that it had become a standard men's underwear.

Types of Boxer Briefs

The Low-rise boxer brief and cheeky styled boxer briefs

There are two major categories of boxer briefs, namely:

Low-rise Boxer Brief: This type of boxer brief, unlike the conventional one which sits high on the waist, is one that stays below the natural waistline and can be easily worn with low rise jeans. The pouch can be styled in different manners; it could have a bulging pouch or a square cut design.

Cheeky Boxer Brief: As the name implies, it has a cheeky style. The boxer brief gives a glimpse of the buttocks while still maintaining the usual support and traditional front coverage.


What Kind of Occasion or Activity is Boxer Brief Ideal For?

Check out the different functions that are best fit for boxer briefs

Corporate occasions (office wears)

Corporate occasions, especially occasions that demand a suit and tie or official wears, would always be more comfortable with boxer briefs. These kinds of occasions demand snug and fit underwear that would also be convenient. 

Boxer briefs that sculpt perfectly to your body would not bunch up and create noticeable folds on corporate trousers.

Date nights

For a date night, you would want to wear underwear that makes you confident. The aesthetics of a high-end boxer brief is also an essential reason for preference. 

Boxer shorts would be too free, and briefs might be too small. 

Boxer briefs are a perfect balance. 

The length and full-cut thighs accentuate the physique of the while, giving the modesty of the conventional boxer and the fitness of briefs. It gives the vibe of one who is confident in his skin.


Workouts, whether in the gym or jogging or engaging in athletic activities, would always induce heat for the body. Furthermore, you can't afford to wear underwear that does not support the genitals due to the intensity of activities. 

The underwear must be fit, breathable, and relaxed. These are all features of the boxer briefs, which makes it ideal for workouts.


Travels can be quite stressful without the added discomfort of a shift or extra tight underwear. Especially for long journeys that do not avail free and constant movements, such underwear can irritate the skin. 

Again, boxer briefs come to the rescue. They are not too tight; they do not roll up the leg and cause discomfort. They are the most suitable for traveling.

Lazy days

On days where there are no outings, traveling, or workouts i.e., days that involve staying all day indoors, boxer briefs are still the best type of underwear. 

This choice is especially true for maximum comfort and temperature regulation. You can afford to relax while still looking good.


Is it a Good Idea to Get a Friend or Boyfriend Boxer Briefs for His Birthday?

Why boxer briefs are good ideas as a birthday present

A lot of men over the years have expressed the intimate feeling that arises when their girlfriends' gift them underwear for birthdays. 

Do you want to show some love or intimacy? Boxer briefs are your best bet.

It is clear that with the entire advantages boxer briefs have over traditional underwear, it would always be an ideal choice. 

Regardless of its advantages, one must know the right kind to buy. One that offers class, comfort and keen attention to details would be a perfect birthday gift. This is why Adam Smith Wears caters to all these needs and details in its boxer briefs.

You can also spice up the gift!

Boxer briefs can now be designed in different colors and sizes, customized, and packed as a bouquet. 

Gifts from Adam Smith Wear online store show that you care more for the comfort and convenience of the recipient.

Get a package today – we are always at your service.